The Bike
Double butted 7005 Series Aluminum Front and Rear Triangle
Front Suspension
RST CAPA-T8 Suspension, disc mount, adjustable preload with CLIX™ Ramps
Folded Size
36" x 28" x 12"
Cammy Green
Tough, rugged, and ready for anything, this mountain bike is dropped from the sky to land prepared for action. The speed of unfolding this bike for riding will blow you away. No tools required to fold and stash in your Humvee. The Paratrooper® comes equipped with front suspension, 27-speed SRAM X-5 shifters, and heavy duty double cage aluminum pedals to tackle the roughest terrain. The Paratrooper® Tactical Folding Mountain Bike uses all standard mountain bike wheels and components serviceable at any bike shop.